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Our family has suffered so much pain, loss and trauma. It has a been a long journey, eight years of fertility issues, miscarriages, the birth of our first daughter, then a stillbirth, another miscarriage and then loss of our one month old baby, Ireland, due to a series of medical errors during labour and delivery. I also almost lost my own life. I fought because I could. I survived, Ireland did not. Our one month old sweet Ireland, passed away four weeks later at Canuck Place Children’s Hospice. We were lost..depleted, exhausted, our souls wretched.

One year later we reached out in the darkness and took a chance, we posted our story on social media. We found her, our surrogate, Christine. I was cautious and guarded, not confident. I had a feeling, a gut instinct. I listened to it. I have had to learn this, in the utmost daunting way. I was tattered and torn, not knowing which direction to turn in. But, it was Christine whom I felt an instinctive connection to. We followed each other on social media and I knew she was the one. This time I listened. We got to know each other and I cautiously started looking a this option of surrogacy. Something told me she was the one. She wanted to help our family. That was it. She was willing to carry a baby for me because I could not. I saw a door opening. She wanted us to have a positive experience, a positive outcome, and she was confident she could do it. I believed her. I was open. Something told must take this leap of faith. I jumped. Blinded by adversity and full of fear.

We proceeded. In vitro-fertilization odds were not in my favour. I was deemed a failed cycle with only two eggs. I was told to cancel and try again. I could not do it. I was done. I reached my limit…eight years of this roller coaster. I accepted my limit of my mind and body. I would not do this again. I would complete this cycle for myself…and then let go. They took my few eggs…and they put them in her. She had faith, I did not. Against all odds, we were sent a picture…a positive home pregnancy test . What? Shock and disbelief. We were back on the roller coaster. What a ride? Blood test confirmation, ultrasounds, genetic testing and…time. We all endured the dreaded first three months. For us, It was waiting nine months to hold a healthy baby. Waiting for her to be safe in our arms. I was not optimistic.

Christine held my hand and my soul. She guided me…we took care of each other. She took care of my precious little baby. Her body did what mine could not. Together, we formed a bond, a connection. One month ago we got the call…it was time. We raced to catch a ferry..this was it. On Jan 22, 2016…Scarlett Ryan was ready to meet us four weeks early. She came with ease and beauty…another angel on earth full of grace and hope. She came against the odds and adversity. She came pure, a gift of love and a reflection of perseverance.

Scarlett Ryan-The Birth and be moved.

Scarlett | A Birth Story

{{ Please Press HD for optimal viewing }}The Rivas Family story has suffered more than its share of heartache. Two and a half years ago they lost their sweet baby Ireland due to a series of Medical Errors during labour and she passed a month after that tragic day at Canuck Place Children's Hospice. This would be the last pregnancy for Kate Rivas, prior to that, she had suffered many miscarriages and a still born. The Entire Community, locally and beyond, mourned their loss. The families story was featured in papers across western Canada and on CBC. They wanted to be heard.Kate became an advocate of transparency for victims and families of medical error, to ensure this wouldn't happen again. Through the outreach of their story, a Victoria woman extended her help in a way that was immeasurable. She offered to carry their next possible child, as a Surrogate. And through the worst of odds, it was successful <3Somehow, Someway…their prayers were heard and answered. A sweet little baby was on its way.I had not known this family before they reached out in Fall of last year. But though phone calls, emails and reading and listening to all I could about their experience, I felt I was getting to know who they were and the magnitude of this story. Like all of my Birth Families, I was deeply invested, but this particular family and this particular story, weighed heavily on my heart. So on January 22nd, 2016 when I drove to Victoria General Hospital I was nervous, excited and filling my pockets with kleenex. At 3:58pm, Christina Hale gave birth to a Baby Girl, and anxious dad, Didier and I waited outside those doors to hear her first cry. And we did…<3Minutes later Kate came bursting through the door carrying her beautiful, healthy Daughter. What a Moment…<3To say that I was honoured to be there would be an understatement. I cannot express the amount gratitude I have for this family allowing me to capture their happy ending and a story with such a wonderful example of human kindness. There was a time when I thought of them that my heart would ache….now when I think of them I only have Joy and Happiness as tears well in my eyes. Their story once filled with Tragedy, now is woven with Hope and Triumph. If you would like to read more about The Rivas family, please like and follow and take a look at her beautiful new Blog The Vancouver Sun has been following the families journey and released this article : you think that you would love to help a family by way of Surrogacy, please consider joining this group: Marston Photography

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  • So beautiful. I wish you all so much joy.

  • This is such an inspirational video… It gives you a glimpse of what the journey for you as a family has been like . You are such a brave and courageous family.. I am so happy for you to have this happen.. Truly a miracle!!! 😘


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