Scarlett Ryan


You have arrived, another angel.  You made it.  With you come so many emotions.  I feel I have triumphed……  threw the dark, the ugly, the trenches.  You remind me that I am here and I survived and I kept moving.  I moved towards you, and Ireland pushed me.  You see, without Ireland there would be no Scarlett.  How do you encompass that?  I can’t.  So for now, they are separate.  People keep telling me you are our happy ending.  That is tough to swallow.  I see it different.  You are joy and you are here.  You have and will have a different journey.  She is Ireland……and she cut the path.  A path that has wretched my soul, my mind, my body.  Yet….I survived…I am still moving forward and you both have propelled me in different ways.  You both will be connected in my soul.  For without one there would not have been the other.  My gratitude is deep for both of you.  I can say that now.  I am different, I have new light.  You both have brought me here.

Photo Credit: Ashley Marston Birth Photography ashleymarstonbirthphotography.com


  • ❤️ Nothing will ever make what happened to Ireland better. But I’m so happy that now you have Scarlett. It’s not a happy ending, your story isn’t over. But maybe, just maybe, it’s a new beginning. Love you all! 😘

  • Ireland will never be forgotten she was a sweet angel and is looking out for Scarlett!😇

  • Sending so much love to your beautiful family – including your amazing surrogate. I just read about your story this morning. My heart breaks for you and the loss of your babies… I can’t even imagine. And my heart fills with happiness that your beautiful baby has arrived and is here safely in your arms. Congratulations <3


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