Our Journey with Surrogacy


Our Surrogate..our Angel.

I am always taken back by the way certain individuals have arrived in our life, since the death of Ireland and Katelyn. I was tattered and torn, not knowing which direction to turn in.  On a whim I posted our story online in hopes someone could help us.  There were a handful of people who responded with warmth and kindness.  But, it was Christine who I felt an instinctive connection to.  We followed each other on social media and I knew she was the one, my gut told me.  This time I listened.  We got to know each other and I cautiously started looking a this option of surrogacy.  It was hard.  I was terrified.

Something told me she was the one.  She wanted to help our family.  That was it.  She was willing to carry a baby for me because I could not.  I saw a door opening….She wanted us to have a positive experience….a positive outcome, and she was confident she could do it.  I believed her.  I was open.  Something told me……you must take this leap of faith.  I jumped.  Blinded by adversity and full of fear.  She held my hand and my soul.  She guided me…we took care of each other.  She took care of my precious little Scarlett.  Her body did what mine could not.  Together, we formed a bond, a connection.  She is humble and generous.  She is my family……I am indebted to her.  She amazes me…I am in awe.


Photo Credit: Ashley Marston Birth Photography ashleymarstonbirthphotography.com


  • A journey it’s been. An incredible journey filled with highs and lows with two incredible women.

    Rarely do you meet an individual with such an altruistic essence and the heart of a saint. Thank you Christine, you are an exceptional women, strong, courageous and kind. You are what this world is missing and that we so long for. You have given our family the greatest gift and we will never be able to thank you enough. Keep being yourself.

    To Kate, it has been an inspiring journey. A journey filled with happiness, sadness, anticipation and miracles. It takes a certain person to go through such an endeavour after what you have experienced. You exude an essence of incredible vulnerability, intelligence, empathy, and love. You have not only met the challenge but have handled it with such poise. You are an inspiration to all, and to all who know you we are honoured. Thank you for being Kate.

  • Thanks for sharing these beautiful inspiring moments. This is truly a miracle. So touching and courageous. The tears are flowing. We are so joyful for you, Didier, Elle and baby Scarlett. Prayers were answered!


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